Tuesday, November 29, 2011


welcome to the world, baby K!

what a beautiful name for a new-born beloved daughter. my bestfriend's happiness always brings tears to me. wish i could flew as fast as i can to Jakarta to meet them :')

welcome to the world, baby K!
Dite and Nike, you guys are going to be the coolest parent ever *hug*

aunty Pingky :D

Saturday, November 5, 2011

i wish for happiness

happiness is wake up early in the morning, being able to see sunshine hit my bedroom wall, watching Spongebob, and meeting some happy-friendly-faces for the rest of the day.

never too late to welcoming November. happy weekend, world :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


this place is like a second home. didn't mean of being too melodramatic by posting this. i just feel like need to reminisce the place for the sake of those good times i had.

all pictures taken from the tv room, where the good times are :)

 hello cyber-dude, Yogi and Wandi

 this is how Didon always look like from the tv room
best position, doing xxx, i guess :p

 this is Ojan in his so-called bedroom

 straight face!

 the ceiling. plaids. pink.

see straight to the garage and the kitchen

now they're moving out. so there, i made this post to reminisce. moving out will always be a big drama!
adios, Kontraan :D

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

birthday month


August is definitely my month. 14th is my birthday, and i got these super-duper-extremely-awesome birthday presents from my favorite people!!

 Screencast postcard box from Ojan :)

 art blank book from Malaikat :)

 Mr.Jimmy Button, an artwork from Titus Garu :)

 traditional fabric from Lombok. a birthday present from BJ :)
a wallet plus organizer from Elia, Simalakamma :)

each of the birthday present are soooo special. some of them even specially made for me :D
so after this, i would have another blog-posts to show you every detail of the present and the special person behind them. wait up, gonna post it soon!! or.....umm...not that soon :p

anyway, this year was AWESOME!
thankyou, family and friends. you're the greatest gift that universe could ever give :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

take a look a little bit closer

this is Thyme, a culinary herbs mostly used for European cuisine. these tiny little leaves has a strong flavor. just add a finger tip and it will made a perfection on a dish

this is another photo series for ten days on my daily photo blog, Screencast. i'm going to capture a tiny little details that built a perfection. it could be anything, a picture of random things. the photo series starts today and will end at 28 of August.

perfection is in the details, so lets take look a little bit closer, and gracing the beauty of detail.

cheers to you, world! :D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dazzle Puzzle : Failed!

soooo, i failed my own challenge.
i couldn't make it to the last piece of jigsaw puzzle in two weeks. my problem was time, and the wrong strategy. turns out it is not as easy as i thought before. but i learn something. compiling a puzzle is a commitment. once you've start, you have to finish it. you don't want to break the half-work you've done, yet you cannot just let the unfinished pieces mess the room. there's no other choice but to have it finished, no matter how long would it take. so i take my vow, i'll finished what i've started. i'll finished my jigsaw puzzle!

this is the picture of my progress in two weeks. i compiled it into one. 14 days with a lot of this and that to do everyday, i just lost my puzzle-time. gonna have this finished soon! hope it wont take 14 months to do that :D

anyway, last picture was taken at August 14, my birthday. and i had a great one that day! lots of greetings, love, friends, and birthday present. will uploaded it soon! have a fabulous August, world ;)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dazzle Puzzle

One day left to August, my birthday month.
this past week i'm thinking about something to do for my birthday. not like a celebration or anything, but something more interesting to do.

this is my birthday gift from my friend Aceng last year. its almost a year and never been touched. its a thousand pieces jigsaw puzzle, and i decided to have it done in two weeks!

so here's the deal. i have 14 days to finish this. start from August 1st, and should be done at August 14th, at my birthday. everyday, i'm gonna take a picture and uploaded it on my daily photo blog, Screencast, to report the progress. Dazzle Puzzle starts tomorrow, and i hope i could finish this in time, these tiny little pieces should bring something good for my birthday this year :D

wish me luck in this, because i never been this eager to finish a jigsaw puzzle before!

Friday, July 22, 2011

au revoir, Lluis

Lluis is our new friend from France. Since he already passed his exchange program here in Jogjakarta, so its time for him to go back to France. we decided to give him a farewell gift so that he can never forget about us :D

The Gengs are, Aline, Elda, Tia and me. we're not actually a real gank. its just we hangs alot and sometimes we call ourselves "gengs" as a joke. Lluis love it, and he officially become one of The Gengs. haha..

we decided to give him a mug with our picture on it. but before that, i made a little additional touch for the mug. i started to print "The Gengs" on canvas, and sewed it into a pouch!

this is the picture of us that applied on the mug, a little narcissism always feels good ;)

Lluis loooooooooovveee the mug!

we love the mug as well :D

he left something for us at my house.

and yeah, i stepped in to the club, just for a night, and this is for Lluis -___-"

Lluis, thanks for calling me Putri instead of "Pudchri" like others bule do, thats why i love you!
au revoir, Kiddo. we're so gonna miss you ;')

the eyes have it

a practical painting workshop, The Eyes Have It by Ben Fox and Kate Fielding from Wilurarra Creative, Australia. We learn to draw an eye, and its not just a circle with the black spot on it!

Ben told us, that an eyeball is just like a drop of a water. it reflects lights and have a texture

it was a fun workshop. the fun part is when we started to paint a piece of eye-shaped wood!

look at those "eyes"..never thought drawing an eye can be this fun! plus, we have our eyes go on a sudden exhibition. we hang it all, and voilaaa..the room looks eye-ly amazing :D

this is the amazing duo, Ben and Kate.

and this is my "eyes" ;)

thank you Ben and Kate, thank you Lir Shop, this my one of a kind Sunday!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

wedding gift : a room to grow

this is a sweet wedding gift from Ojan to his sister, Mba Nia. its a cushion with flowerpot design. i helped him in the making, but the designs are all comes from him. on his blog (http://pipettepattern.blogspot.com/), he mentioned that the flowerpot design represent an energy. he said that the flowerpot and the flower comes together in a good harmony. hope it could be a good energy for the newlywed.

i couldn't agree more. flowerpot is a place to grow, it will keep the flower inside from harm, and let it bloom to become a beautiful flower. and i think marriage is more like a flowerpot. its a room to grow together :)
pretty nice philosophy for a wedding gift, don't you think?

thank you Ojan, it feels nice to take part on this project :)

happy wedding, Mba Nia and Mas Maskhun. happy growing together :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

making pancakes :)

im making pancakes on this beautiful Sunday morning.
and i cant stand not to posting it, because i got the perfect skin and the best texture on my pancakes today :D
look how beautiful they are..

let me share a quick recipe to make these beautiful pancakes!

ingredients are : a cup of flour, an egg, 3 full-tablespoon of sugar, a full-tablespoon of baking powder, salt, and 3/4 cup of milk.

the making : mix flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. in a different bowl, mix the egg and milk together. after done this step, you can start pour the egg and milk mixture into the flour bowl. give it a little extra stir to blend all the ingredients. once you're done with this, then you're ready to pan!!

set your cooking pan, add a thin layer of margarine on its surface just to make it slick. you only done this once, because after it, your pancakes dough will done well without margarine on the pan. start adding the pancakes mix into the cooking pan, the size is up to you! i used tablespoon to measure every pancakes because i like it not too big yet not too small. remember, wait for the pancake's surface is bubbly then you're ready to flip it! do exactly the same treatment to the rest of pancake mix, and served it with variant topping!!

happy trying! 
*really do hope this recipe is make sense enough for you to try :D