Saturday, June 11, 2011

wedding gift : a room to grow

this is a sweet wedding gift from Ojan to his sister, Mba Nia. its a cushion with flowerpot design. i helped him in the making, but the designs are all comes from him. on his blog (, he mentioned that the flowerpot design represent an energy. he said that the flowerpot and the flower comes together in a good harmony. hope it could be a good energy for the newlywed.

i couldn't agree more. flowerpot is a place to grow, it will keep the flower inside from harm, and let it bloom to become a beautiful flower. and i think marriage is more like a flowerpot. its a room to grow together :)
pretty nice philosophy for a wedding gift, don't you think?

thank you Ojan, it feels nice to take part on this project :)

happy wedding, Mba Nia and Mas Maskhun. happy growing together :)

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