Friday, July 22, 2011

the eyes have it

a practical painting workshop, The Eyes Have It by Ben Fox and Kate Fielding from Wilurarra Creative, Australia. We learn to draw an eye, and its not just a circle with the black spot on it!

Ben told us, that an eyeball is just like a drop of a water. it reflects lights and have a texture

it was a fun workshop. the fun part is when we started to paint a piece of eye-shaped wood!

look at those "eyes"..never thought drawing an eye can be this fun! plus, we have our eyes go on a sudden exhibition. we hang it all, and voilaaa..the room looks eye-ly amazing :D

this is the amazing duo, Ben and Kate.

and this is my "eyes" ;)

thank you Ben and Kate, thank you Lir Shop, this my one of a kind Sunday!

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