Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dazzle Puzzle

One day left to August, my birthday month.
this past week i'm thinking about something to do for my birthday. not like a celebration or anything, but something more interesting to do.

this is my birthday gift from my friend Aceng last year. its almost a year and never been touched. its a thousand pieces jigsaw puzzle, and i decided to have it done in two weeks!

so here's the deal. i have 14 days to finish this. start from August 1st, and should be done at August 14th, at my birthday. everyday, i'm gonna take a picture and uploaded it on my daily photo blog, Screencast, to report the progress. Dazzle Puzzle starts tomorrow, and i hope i could finish this in time, these tiny little pieces should bring something good for my birthday this year :D

wish me luck in this, because i never been this eager to finish a jigsaw puzzle before!

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