Tuesday, February 15, 2011

goodmorning is good

for me, the feeling when losing a time in a day is...uncomfortable.
i lose my morning lately. i had a hard times waking up early in the morning these days, and it was kinda annoying.

so i made a deal to myself..

here's the deal..
everyday, every morning
i got to wake up early to captured what happen in 6 til 7 am,
then i'll upload the picture to my daily photo blog, SCREENCAST.
my objection is to make this a habit. this deal starts yesterday and will run til the end of the month. it means, i have 14 days capturing my mornings. 14 days to trained myself to wake up earlier then i used to be :D

phew! i just hope i have plenty of things to do in the morning

Friday, February 11, 2011

Play Your Magic Hands on 2011!!

its a very delightful feeling to announce that Play Your Magic Hands - a DIY Project Workshop is strike back again in 2011!! yay!

after a short hiatus from December to January, we decided to continuing our co-op with FoodFezt, and held the workshop again from February to March.

same place, same time. dont get confused, just check the schedule here :)

more fun projects coming up!
and we have giveaway for the lucky one in every week!
better not missed it this time :D

Play Your Magic Hands - a DIY Project Workshop by OJANTO
every Tuesday, 3pm
at FoodFezt,
jl. Kaliurang km 5, Yogyakarta.

Putri : 0817 547 8258
Ojan : 0899 511 8531

Email : ojantowork(at)gmail(dot)com
Twitter : (at)nestofojanto
Facebook : Nest Of Ojanto
Blog : http://nestofojanto.blogspot.com/

a sudden trip : Sendang Sono

on a Sunday Sudden Trip last week, me and my friend went to this beautiful place called Sendang Sono. Sendang Sono is a sacred place for Catholics, it is also called as The Lourdes of Indonesia.

this place is famous by its unique architecture.
in 1991, Sendang Sono won the best architectural award from Indonesian architects society.

now i can see why this peacefully shady place is the perfect place for praying :)

picture by Ojan

the famous Virgin Mary statue.
a gift from The Queen of Spanish as a dedication.

you'll found this around Sendang Sono.
If you walk in the right order,
you'll find part by part of the story when Jesus Christ crucified.

there's always a beautiful details here, there and everywhere :)

this is the chapel

souvenirs from Sendang Sono.
a replica of the Virgin Mary statue and Rosario.
lots of Rosario! and they're all handmade :D

the team!!
thank you Mr.Tuki, Ojan, Brinalloy and Sarah.
The Sunday Sudden Trip wouldn't be the same without you :D

lets have another sudden trip, shall we??

hand-stiched chusion for Sita

another fun project with cotton yarns!
my friend Sita wants to give a special holiday gift for her boyfriend's parents
and she asked me to help her.

Since her boyfriend's parents are not Indonesian and lived in Australia, so i came up with this idea. 4 hand-stitched cushions that represent the beauty of Indonesia :)

and here it is. it got Batik Parang, Borobudur, Si Cepot, and Monas, hand-stitched on it.

they're looked quite nice, dont you think? :D
i think i'll have some for myself...hehe

Thank you Sita, hope your boyfriend's parents love it