Thursday, August 30, 2012

how to pimp a wooden chair!

lets add some color and pattern to an ordinary wooden chair. this is the simplest way to do it. need no sewing at all and using your daily tools and material. i dont think its so hard to find them near you :D

now the preparation :
you'll need an ordinary wooden chair, sponge (i use 3cm thick sponge), plain sheet of fabric, pattern fabric, cutter knife, fabric/wood glue, and stapler (the bigger the better, i use 6mm stapler)

and this is how you do it :

turning this chair into that chair

3cm thick sponge, glue it to the chair

trim the excess of the sponge

this is pretty much how it looks. now ready to wrapped

first, wrapped the chair with a plain sheet of fabric, then hold the top with needles. the needles will hold still the fabric when you staple the back side

staple the back side. use all strength you have!

trim the excess of the fabric, and do exactly the same process to the pattern fabric

and this is pretty much how it looks! oh wish i could make it a little bit neater. since i use stapler, there are some area that are not stapled well. pretty difficult i admit. a gun-taker will help actually, but i dont have one :p

this is the back side of the chair

now you got a new chair :D

looks pretty good in my room. yay.
so thats that! pretty easy right?
thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy making it :)

Putri Santoso

Thursday, August 23, 2012

omg, i'm 29!

same feeling like last year. feel so happy im going to explode!
im drown in to good wishes and surrounding by bestfriends. i love being 29 this year.
everything come in a perfect portion and time. everything i wished for all along coming true. everything is getting better everday. how fun is that :)
plus, this year, i got 4 birthday cakes, blow 4 candles, and still got a birthday present from a long lost friend :D
i am almost complete. my only wish is to be fully completed by next year. amin! :)

first candle blows was from my office mate. Nataya, Mas Fajar, Aryo, Mas Arwin, Mbak Isna, Mbak Nuri, Mukti, Mbak Rosa. thanks gengs! i love you like i love my 8 hours a day at the office :))

for them, im 61 -_-" suppose to be 16!

second candle blows was from Beje, Ijah, Gading, Kiko, Ojan, Krisna, and..umm..Pak Guru if im not mistaken haha..

thank you guys. the bullying is my guilty pleasure...not! :))

you guys are kinda friends that i loved to spent time with. whatta gift :)

third candle blows was from Cik Aline, one of The Gengs, my very best friend.

fourth candle blows was from adek Djinot, Tia's sister who happens to be my sister as well. this is a share birthday cake for me, Tia and Aloy, since we have three days in a row birthday in August. 14 for me, 15 for Aloy and 16 for Tia

happy birthday to us!!

make a wish, blow the candles. lets be better by next year :)

the gengs family birthday dinner at Nanamia, to celebrate our birthday! minus Elda, too bad :(

you are the list of my perfect time :)

birthday present from a long lost friend :D
at the end, what matter is to be happy :)
thank you lord for sending me these precious people that stay around in my life. you're the greatest, you're the only one above all my happiness. promise you to be better this year. amin :)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

set the blue sky the background

when it comes to the sky, blue can go with any colors in the world.
i think this is one of the coolest thing about nature.

*all photos are self taken

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kebun Binatang Ojanto

a pattern exhibition by Nest of Ojanto. 6 months ago. we call it KEBUN BINATANG OJANTO.

 download the catalog to see the whole exhibition. on this link, please :)

KEBUN BINATANG OJANTO, a pattern exhibition by Nest of Ojanto.
was held on February 2012 at LirSpace
all patterns design by Fauzan Riza Adinugraha
curated by Tarlen Handayani
animal figures were made at HONFablab. the making process here
the making process of the whole exhibition can be read here


this exhibition will be one of the highlight of my 2012. feel honored to be part of it :)

-Putri Santoso-

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jalan Sutera

at the end of December i got the chance to join a tour titled "Jalan Sutera". this is a tour to a fabric store in Jogjakarta. The tour was created by my friend Elia of Simalakamma and Kunci Cultural Studies. Jalan Sutera is also a parallel event of Biennale Jogja 2011. since the theme of Biennale this year is about Indonesia and India, so we hopping around Jalan Solo, Jogjakarta to visit some textile store owned by India people.

the scarf and the catalog 

Elia as the tour guide

first visit is Prima Textile. this store owned by Mrs Hira. this store is the biggest fabric supplier for uniform in Jogja. they use variant of cotton fabric to serve demand for uniform in a massive amount.

when i first came in, i recognizing the interior right away, and suddenly sense the classic luxuriance of India. and one thing that you wont missed is the "don't bargain" sign board is everywhere in the store. LOL. straight to the point. got that!

Mrs Hira

second visit is Rama Gordyn, owned by Mr Jackie (not Chan ;p)
first impression is the interior (again) because i think rich people from India shows their wealthiness through the interior of the house, as seen on those Bollywood movies. it has to be luxurious, it has to be elegance, and it has to be in gold. that's exactly what i saw on Rama Gordyn.

if i'm not mistaken, Mr Jackie moves to Jogjakarta from India in 2004 to help his wife's family business. he stays here since then, and find it not that hard to learn Bahasa. most of his big family are still in India, so he go back there once in a while to visit his family and do some shopping for the store.

even the air conditioner matched the interior

third visit is Parissa. i don't know who's own the store because we meet the employee instead. he's a talkative person from Sri Lanka, named Anan. he knows a lot about fabric. specially brocade and cotton. he shows us the difference between the expensive brocade, and the cheap one. oh i learn nothing. seriously, the expensive and the cheap brocade looks almost similar to me. i couldn't tell the different. haha..

i do some shop here. a plain cotton fabric in a great colors. i couldn't stand to not buying them. good fabric, good price!

uh oh, we also found something unique here. they have a patch-work fabric, like literally a patchwork. and its only 40.000 IDR per meter. i think that's a cheap price for a patch-work, comparing to the making process.

colorful cotton fabric. love!

the patchwork fabric

it stitched, one piece to another

last store is Wijaya Textile. err..i forgot the owner's name.
here, we told a lot about brocade for wedding dress. the owner explain about the trend in wedding dress nowdays. he said that lately, most people love to mix and match more than two colors for their wedding dress, and he got the natural talent of doing that. even an unmatched colors looks so damn good in his hand. just like this picture as shown below. silver and gold, put it together and voila! somehow they made a nice combination :D

love this ornament! i want one for my room, please..
sooo, that's the end of the tour. it was an interesting experience, really. we're having a great time, aren't we girls? :D