Thursday, January 6, 2011

a process. that's how it works

one night i had a talk with bestfriend on our ride home. Mew - Beach is on the stereo, and we began to talked about all things that happened lately and how they lead us to one thing called a process

i myself believed that all good or bad things came by a process. it is sometimes takes spaces or too much time, but sometimes happened in a blink of an eye. that's how it works.

when we feel like crying all the time and drained our eyes, that's how it works.
when we feel pain til we lost our breath, that's how it works.
when we feel all happy and blessed, that's something we earned from a process.

yes it costs us time, money, tears, and failures. it costs a lot.
but i think we should never give up on it, coz what we get in the end is worth to fight for :)

happy processing, friends!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


i wish for a happier year
i wish for a healthier life
i wish for prosperity
i wish for another chance
i wish for a new experience
i wish for a braver heart
i wish for a fulfilled soul
i wish for forgiveness
i wish for a blessed from Above
i wish for love

and i wish you a happiest happy new year :)

2010 is..

a battle


picture from here

a graduation

moved back in

a dusty town

a fun-tastic year

for the memories :)

cool place like a tattoo studio

last day in 2010. a perfect day for my two girl-friend, Tia and Elda, to impulsively have another tattoo.
Elda wished to have an angel's wing on her feet, and Tia would have "missing piece" tattooed on her wrist.
and i? oh i just sat there, looking around and taking picture while they have inked by Mr. El Kampreto :D

Mr. El Kampreto with his splash-of-colors tattoo. like it!

new tattoo for new year!
kiss too my crazy girl-friends, Tia and Elda ^^

hand-stitched pouch purse for Little Garage

my friend, Elda, owns a cute little boutique called Little Garage

it sells all vintages and handmade. its a pretty shop, warm, nice and humble :)

one day, Elda called and asked me to make a custom hand-stitched pouch purse for Little Garage's December Giveaways. i once made her one, and she thinks it would be lovely if her customer had one too.

i had a great time having fun with colorful yarns along December!
hope everyone's happy with the result ^^

2011 is awaits, cant wait for another fun project with you, El :)