Thursday, January 6, 2011

a process. that's how it works

one night i had a talk with bestfriend on our ride home. Mew - Beach is on the stereo, and we began to talked about all things that happened lately and how they lead us to one thing called a process

i myself believed that all good or bad things came by a process. it is sometimes takes spaces or too much time, but sometimes happened in a blink of an eye. that's how it works.

when we feel like crying all the time and drained our eyes, that's how it works.
when we feel pain til we lost our breath, that's how it works.
when we feel all happy and blessed, that's something we earned from a process.

yes it costs us time, money, tears, and failures. it costs a lot.
but i think we should never give up on it, coz what we get in the end is worth to fight for :)

happy processing, friends!


Rocketarian said...

super right! i am super agree.


hey kamuuu!! punya blog! curhat semua! aku follow ahhh :D i miss talking to youuuu