Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Perfection In The Sky

take a moment

to see

to hear

to feel

the Greatness beyond this perfection


all pictures taken by me and adit at PVJ upper parking lot. Saturday, feb 19, 18:18

Monday, February 22, 2010

look what i've got on a sunny sunday morning!!!

a trip to Gasibu Sunday Market always interesting to me. this is a huge area where u can found literally everything! common stuff, rare stuff, interesting food, unique things, and the most important is this place has become a cheap shopping land for shop-hoppers!

and look what i've got!

a cute denim tote bag for only 25k IDR!


a cupang fish! (i dont know its name on english, my boss said its a 'neck-kiss fish' haha)

i call him Mr.China.
dont ask me about the name, China is the first word pop up in my head when i first saw him.
he looks just like my old ikan-cupang, Mr.Dakota. they have the same color.

im actually never into fish-pet before, but when i had my first ikan-cupang im instantly falling for them. they have a beautiful perfect color combination, and they are a fighter! whatta combo aite? plus, they're easy to take care of, and didn't take much of attention.

people said if u wanna learn to take care of something-which is a pet in this case, u can start it by taking care of ikan-cupang. hmm but i say u have to start it by taking care of yourself. haha.
so im welcoming Mr.China to the family, please be a good fish ya!

ps: thank you Bowo 'Bonita' Soemarto for being a model for my tote bag :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


..my porch could tell every story better than i do..

my housemate in our little porch

this has been our favorite spot at home lately, me and my housemate Fithra sometimes spent one or two hours sit here, talking or not talking, singing or not singing, whining or not whining. but smoking, maybe that is the only thing we never skipped doing on porch. haha

at night, we're getting expert with this porch thingy.
we set up the candles, make a cup of tea - green tea for me and earl grey tea for her
, and then we just sat there, talking while Copeland - You Are My Sunshine's album played over and over again.

"this is a precious thing" she said.
she said that this is one of a million things that we're gonna missed when we finally moving on.
and i couldn't agree more. im a kinda person who lived with good memories, its killing most of the time, but in other time gives an energy i needed just in time. so to write this down, to take a picture of it, i'm capturing one of a great moment in my life that will last as a memory.

what makes this porch moment great? not the talks, not the cup of tea, not the Copeland, and obviously not the candles. what makes it best is my housemate herself :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

gerbera daisy

i bought myself a gerbera daisy for valentine's day
its my favorite flower
gerbera daisy means cheerful and happiness

this is my second time giving myself a valentine's present.
my first was a silver ring with a blue stone on it - fake one for sure :p
bought it at Malioboro for only 7000idr, and the next three days the blue stone fell out off the ring *so much for fake thingy*
but u know its not about the price, its simply because i wanna tell myself how much i love her for being...me :)

here u go, valentine is served, warm nice and sweet like a cotton candy
with a little touch of pink-red-and golden.
happy valentine's day world!
gong xi fa cai..


I need to sleep but I'm barely closing my eyes.
The vision was just torturing. shaking and shivering and its not the cold.
good memories only make it worse.
need a jump to the next chapter, a new episode or a brand new movie would be best.

Friday, February 5, 2010



i had a bad experience when i came here to Klenteng Sam Poo Kong.
the security didnt let me in and accused me molesting the religion just because i said i wanna pray to God. later on, he said the reason he cant let me in is because of the Head of the Klenteng was come visit and i should pay 20.000IDR instead of bring hio for praying (yeah, nice reason eh? #^%$^%$%$#!!!)

this place is quite disappointing, and ruined my mood.
but then again, i looked at this beautiful structure and details,
and the history behind it
and i go..oh well, thats ok.

Klenteng Sam Poo Kong
a historical site about the arrived of Laksamana ChengHo from China
he's a Muslim.
but because of the architecture, people turned it into a Klenteng.
(go check Wikipedia :)

Gunung Promasan and Hutan Karet.
my dear brother took us here on sunday, it was quite adventurous.
we do a bit off-road-ing with his Cherokee Jeep.
i was like "slow down...slow down pleaseee"
and my niece goes "yeayyy...yeayyy...yeayyy"

2 days in Semarang is enough to get to these great places.
for me, my Semarang-trip has been a great weekend getaway,
nice closing for a rough January :)


mystically beautiful

we knew the story from time to time
this place gives the best creep just to look at it
the best view from its balcony
and im pretty much have the best creepy time walking around the alley

such a beautiful and mysterious labyrinth

all pictures photographed by mas adit and onte

Thursday, February 4, 2010


an art exhibition

my friends are an artist! yeay..
and this place~Semarang Contemporary Art Galery~is super cool!
being among the artworks and all
i feel artsy already ^^

the artists, from Jogja and Bandung.

me, my friend Tisa Granicia and her artwork ~ a ceramics painting

me, my friend Elia and her artwork with Simponi from Jogja

all pictures photographed by onte

i'm sorry i dont have the details about the art exhibition
you can go here and check out :)