Friday, February 19, 2010

porch porch could tell every story better than i do..

my housemate in our little porch

this has been our favorite spot at home lately, me and my housemate Fithra sometimes spent one or two hours sit here, talking or not talking, singing or not singing, whining or not whining. but smoking, maybe that is the only thing we never skipped doing on porch. haha

at night, we're getting expert with this porch thingy.
we set up the candles, make a cup of tea - green tea for me and earl grey tea for her
, and then we just sat there, talking while Copeland - You Are My Sunshine's album played over and over again.

"this is a precious thing" she said.
she said that this is one of a million things that we're gonna missed when we finally moving on.
and i couldn't agree more. im a kinda person who lived with good memories, its killing most of the time, but in other time gives an energy i needed just in time. so to write this down, to take a picture of it, i'm capturing one of a great moment in my life that will last as a memory.

what makes this porch moment great? not the talks, not the cup of tea, not the Copeland, and obviously not the candles. what makes it best is my housemate herself :)