Thursday, April 21, 2011


i always enjoyed myself while in train. a long and exhausting hours excites me. and what i like the most is, there's just so many thing i can discover on a train trip. 

can't wait for another trip, i'm about to going west soon! wohooo :D

enjoy your long-weekend, people.
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


never get enough of these. a big doze of fabrics, such a pleasure!
this is what i got on a short trip to Solo. couldn't bought it all though :p

fabrics could make me get a little dizzy and crazy!!

hide and seek

this is another fun time of hand-printing!
at one impulsive night when i can't managed my eyes to shut, i made this.
my very own drawing book, made from carton and manila papers with ring binding. and as the last touch, i made a "HIDE AND SEEK" stencil and printed it on the cover.

theres no particular reason behind the words 'hide and seek' as the cover of my drawing book. i just happened to found it in the magazine, cut it, and made stencil out of it.  but i can say that the words give me this silly effect singing Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek everytime i see it haha..

so lets drew a lot! it doesn't matter whether you're good or not good at it, but the most important thing is just draw and do what you enjoyed the most :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


i recently had so much fun with hand-printing on fabrics. this is something we (me and my partner, Ojan) learn from Lena Corwin's tutorial book, called Printing by Hand. We got this book by winning a giveaway from Tamimi. an inspiring book indeed!

so then i try to print an image using one of these techniques on the book. i used stencil as the mold to print. the stencil made from thin carton. i drew something on it, then carved it using a cutter pen. after that, i placed it against the fabric, hold it with tape, and add a rubber paint using sponge. i made this in five different colors and make a hand-sewed coin pouch out of it. i think it looks pretty nice, what do you think? :D
the pouches

the details

the stencil

Made these pouches as giveaways for Play Your Magic Hands workshop. you can go here to read the complete story :) 

ah too bad i didn't have any descent pictures of the process. but its quite simple actually, you could just googled it and you'll find lots of tutorials in several techniques. so why not have a try? this is a very much fun project to do on the weekend! 
have a nice weekend, friends ^^