Sunday, March 13, 2011

Live.Learn.Love Notebook (a wedding souvenir)

what could be more exciting than a best-friend wedding??
it could be even more exciting when we can take part on this happy day!

me and my partner, Ojan, been asked to make a wedding souvenir for our best-friend Nike and Yudha (or sometimes i call him "Dimins" :p) They're married in March 5th, and wants to make a simple yet not-too-common wedding souvenir. So after a brief conversation via e-mail, a little notebook seems to be just perfect.

And here are the result. a little notebook with pattern cover. the pattern design contains icons of things that represent the newlywed. there's a camera, headphone, clapper, and a series of words says Live.Learn.Love.

the paper-ring

paper-bag as the packaging

red notebook

550 notebooks for the wedding souvenirs

the wedding souvenirs in all four colors

*go here to see the notebook's details!

so glad to know that the newlywed loves their wedding souvenirs a lot. and we also received lots appreciation about the work from people who came to the wedding party, it was really delightful! thank you so so so so very muchooo ^^

Happy wedding, Nike and Yudha. have a great adventure together :)

The Jakartans


i'm back for a weekend, and you look the same as i remembered. wicked!
but i must admit, it feels good to finally breath your air again, and walked in to that crowd again.
oh well, oh well, what more can i say. you're still my love-and-hate-relationship

anyway, this trip was for my bestfriend's wedding. Yudha Hari Radhite, a brother-slash-bestfriend married to Nike Prima in March 5th. It was supposed to be a little reunion as well, but sadly there were just me, Nino, Kumi, and Aceng who could make it to the wedding. That's okay, it is always lovely to see these old friendly faces around. i just hope there's another wedding happen anytime soon, so we could all gather again once more. who wants to be the next raised you hand, please :D

Sunday, March 6, 2011



a talks about place i wanna be
and things i wanna do