Sunday, November 14, 2010

Play Your Magic Hands!

whatta great opportunity given by FoodFezt to me and my partner, Ojan.

but before i jumped into that "great opportunity", if you dont mind, let me introduce a little work i do with partners, Ojan and Mas Aris.

we call this "OJANTO" a name or you may call it a brand, that represent our passion in doing a creative DIY Project. have a quick look here, and get to know more about what im talking about :D
this is a very much fun craft project! and i do hope that the work will last and go bigger, because this is one of our way to wake the dream and make it real!

it feels beyond happy when some people come to us and appreciating what we do in OJANTO. it does lead us to a new opportunity, a great one!

so when FoodFezt offering us to do some craft workshop there, we didn't think twice, we were like "okay, lets do this!"

here you go, Play Your Magic Hands - a DIY Project Workshop, will be held every Tuesday at FoodFezt, a well-know restaurant in Yogyakarta.

no, we're not doing a lesson thingy or something, we basically ask you to come to have some fun and do some DIY craft project together. this is going to be sooooo much fun :)

and oh, no need to grab your purse, because this is a free workshop, everyone can join us. just bring friends and lets PLAY THE MAGIC HANDS!

see you there!