Monday, March 29, 2010


remember when you said about everything could happen if we could just simply think about it?
now i think of lots of happiness and a bigger heart.
wait me home, hope my big hug can cure.

Love you my dearest Old Man..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm the ENFP. Extroverted Intuition With Introverted Feeling

E for Extrovert
N for Intuition
F for Feeling
P for Perceiving

i got things mumbled in my head most of the time

so Lord, please help me
to think about just one th____LOOK! A BIRD!____ing at a time.

*all pictures are self-taken from everywhere

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big City Lights

its a love and hate relationship between me
and this Big City of Jakarta

pictures taken from Tower 8 Apt Taman Rasuna, Jakarta. 210310, 17:42

oh well,
at least i have a relationship *silly face*

Sunday, March 14, 2010


NOTE: this is not a music review, just a little say about music i like.

FRAU is a she

a young talented girl from Yogyakarta who makes these beautiful musics compiled in an EP called 'Starlit Carousel'.

being curious of what people say on twitter about this girl lead me to a website where i can download FRAU's EP for free. im instantly fell in love with her music and her voice, to me it sounds like a choir, with a touch of classical tune here and there. feels like ive been dragged into a musical show by Disney. my favorites tracks are I'm a Sir and Rat and Cat makes my head picturing Alice chasing rabbit in her Wonderland, and im pretty sure u'll have your own picture running in your head while listening to her music.

oh how i hate good EPs, coz six tracks are just not enough, not even close. i want more!

Friday, March 12, 2010


AlFatihah untuk sahabat yang sedang sakit
karena dicintai, disayangi, ditekan, dikekang, disakiti,
dan dikecewakan secara luar biasa.

Kami hanya ingin melindunginya,
kenapa kamu bawa pergi? Lalu kamu tenggelamkan jauh ke dalam
sampai kami susah menggapainya, sampai kami sedikit merelakannya
walau tidak sedikitpun kami mengalihkan pandangan darinya.
Kami pikir dia akan baik-baik saja karna dia tersenyum dari jauh,
sampai dia kamu telantarkan.

Sekarang tolong pergi. Lepaskan cengkramanmu,
cabut semua paku paku egoisme-mu yang terlanjur mengakar di tubuhnya.
Dia memang akan luka, lama sembuhnya.
Tapi itu lebih baik daripada terlanjur terbiasa dengan sakit yang kamu sebabkan.
jadi pergilah, biarkan dia sembuh dulu, baru kamu boleh datang lagi.

to the Greatest up above, Who owned the universe,
Who keeps the world revolved

and watch every covert things on earth.
Who answers all prayers even sometimes the answer is a no.

Please protect her from whatever that might ruined her or cuts her deeper.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bubuy Manado

last Sunday, i decided to cook lunch for my housemate Fithra and our friend, Bayang. since we dont have stove in our kitchen, i kinda have to think a bit hard what lunch should i cook without using stove? coz all we have is a rice-cooker and a toaster.

after a short trip to Google, Bubur Manado seems to be just the perfect choice. so Bubur Manado it is. a traditional dish from Manado, North Sulewesi. its a healthy dish, contains lots vegetable and less fat. kinda a favorite lunch for ladies eh? haha.

the ingredients

i think the hardest part of the cook is making Sambal. coz im not an expert on that, i just dont know how to 'nguleg sambel' and make a good damn delicious Sambal. hiks.

Sambal Tomat and Ikan Asin are the best pair for the dish. this two collaboration is the determinants for the deliciousness of Bubur Manado. so its a MUST to have it all on a plate.

the result :)

turns out im over-making it. it was just three of us, who already had three portion of it and the Bubur Manado hasn't finish yet. so we give it away to our neighbor and also to Bibi-cuci-baju, thus we dont have to eat Bubur Manado (again) for the rest of the day!

Bayang and Fithra. look at their happy face ^^

ah, beautiful feels great to cook for people u loved and greater when they liked it. but the greatest is when they ate seven portion of it *winking to Fithra* haha.

this is a very simple yet a delicious dish, fellas. if you wanna give it a try, then go here for the recipe.

PS: this post posted to fulfilled the challenge from my friend Ojan. he challenges me to post at least one cook within a week. the deadline is tomorrow (Friday). and since i've done mine, i think its his turn now. kinda curious about his cook, can he do it as good as mine? or at least he should do the cook as good as his artwork. haha.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

yay! my lucky day

today i woke up at 07.07 am. 7 is my lucky number and the first thing crossed my mind is a wish that today is going to be my lucky day.

then i remembered a say from a friend. he told me that just to be able to wake up and breathing today is such a luckiness and we should feel grateful for it.
oh well, of course i do, but somehow i still hope for something that might make my smile go bigger and my day go brighter. haha..

at noon, im officially on my lucky day, a surprise gift from a friend just made my day ^^

meet my friend Fauzan Riza Adinugraha, a super-talented person from Jogjakarta. u can call him Ojan. i dont know exactly whats in his head, but he made a lot of cute stuff and he made it good. one of it is this Harold Lasswell totebag. i first saw this bag on his blog, he made it himself, and if im not mistaken, he made it limited (am i rite, jan? ;p) so i think im one of that people who's lucky enough to have this bag ^^ yay!

please have a walk to his blog, you'll be amazed by his DoItYourself-works and the great thing is you can order your own-customized gift from him. trust me, he'll do it good. go..go.., make him busy and rich ^^

ps : thank you Ojan, never thought you'll give me this totebag for real, even better, you send it to me hehe

Monday, March 1, 2010

You Are Golden

don't whine

you are mine

caught this words on my head when i first saw the picture on my tour to deviantART and im instantly in love with the artist. her name is Rockie Nolan, shes only 19, an art student from Texas. look how she brought the nuance on every shoot. i see lights, brights, yellow, and dry. beautiful..