Sunday, March 14, 2010


NOTE: this is not a music review, just a little say about music i like.

FRAU is a she

a young talented girl from Yogyakarta who makes these beautiful musics compiled in an EP called 'Starlit Carousel'.

being curious of what people say on twitter about this girl lead me to a website where i can download FRAU's EP for free. im instantly fell in love with her music and her voice, to me it sounds like a choir, with a touch of classical tune here and there. feels like ive been dragged into a musical show by Disney. my favorites tracks are I'm a Sir and Rat and Cat makes my head picturing Alice chasing rabbit in her Wonderland, and im pretty sure u'll have your own picture running in your head while listening to her music.

oh how i hate good EPs, coz six tracks are just not enough, not even close. i want more!


Live and Let Live said...

i love her too. she is wonderful :)


she is indeed :)
nice blog you have. cool pictures! love it.
they are all self-taken aite?