Wednesday, March 3, 2010

yay! my lucky day

today i woke up at 07.07 am. 7 is my lucky number and the first thing crossed my mind is a wish that today is going to be my lucky day.

then i remembered a say from a friend. he told me that just to be able to wake up and breathing today is such a luckiness and we should feel grateful for it.
oh well, of course i do, but somehow i still hope for something that might make my smile go bigger and my day go brighter. haha..

at noon, im officially on my lucky day, a surprise gift from a friend just made my day ^^

meet my friend Fauzan Riza Adinugraha, a super-talented person from Jogjakarta. u can call him Ojan. i dont know exactly whats in his head, but he made a lot of cute stuff and he made it good. one of it is this Harold Lasswell totebag. i first saw this bag on his blog, he made it himself, and if im not mistaken, he made it limited (am i rite, jan? ;p) so i think im one of that people who's lucky enough to have this bag ^^ yay!

please have a walk to his blog, you'll be amazed by his DoItYourself-works and the great thing is you can order your own-customized gift from him. trust me, he'll do it good. go..go.., make him busy and rich ^^

ps : thank you Ojan, never thought you'll give me this totebag for real, even better, you send it to me hehe


blogojan said...

yes its limited. this species (special strap) is only 2pcs. one in Yogyakarta and one in Bandung.

saya ingin berucap juga terima kasih yang mendalam...
saya suka sekali penulisanmu kali ini...
*ya eyalah gara2 tentang saya* hahahaha.. :p

aku senang kamu bisa mengapresiasi ini.
terima kasih sekali lagi.
lagi dan lagi.
lagi ma lagi ma lagi ma... :p


wah cuma ada 2! jadi yg punya satu lagi siapa?

blogojan said...

ya ojanto dooongg. :p


ohh..kirain dikasih ke itu tuhhh...hehe..

asik! im the special-two. cuma dua di dunia yg punya tas beginian hahah

sandra arifin said...

komunikasi bener ya LoL


nice ya! tiba2 lo inget kampus kita gitu ga mom? haha