Sunday, March 13, 2011

Live.Learn.Love Notebook (a wedding souvenir)

what could be more exciting than a best-friend wedding??
it could be even more exciting when we can take part on this happy day!

me and my partner, Ojan, been asked to make a wedding souvenir for our best-friend Nike and Yudha (or sometimes i call him "Dimins" :p) They're married in March 5th, and wants to make a simple yet not-too-common wedding souvenir. So after a brief conversation via e-mail, a little notebook seems to be just perfect.

And here are the result. a little notebook with pattern cover. the pattern design contains icons of things that represent the newlywed. there's a camera, headphone, clapper, and a series of words says Live.Learn.Love.

the paper-ring

paper-bag as the packaging

red notebook

550 notebooks for the wedding souvenirs

the wedding souvenirs in all four colors

*go here to see the notebook's details!

so glad to know that the newlywed loves their wedding souvenirs a lot. and we also received lots appreciation about the work from people who came to the wedding party, it was really delightful! thank you so so so so very muchooo ^^

Happy wedding, Nike and Yudha. have a great adventure together :)

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