Friday, February 5, 2010



i had a bad experience when i came here to Klenteng Sam Poo Kong.
the security didnt let me in and accused me molesting the religion just because i said i wanna pray to God. later on, he said the reason he cant let me in is because of the Head of the Klenteng was come visit and i should pay 20.000IDR instead of bring hio for praying (yeah, nice reason eh? #^%$^%$%$#!!!)

this place is quite disappointing, and ruined my mood.
but then again, i looked at this beautiful structure and details,
and the history behind it
and i go..oh well, thats ok.

Klenteng Sam Poo Kong
a historical site about the arrived of Laksamana ChengHo from China
he's a Muslim.
but because of the architecture, people turned it into a Klenteng.
(go check Wikipedia :)

Gunung Promasan and Hutan Karet.
my dear brother took us here on sunday, it was quite adventurous.
we do a bit off-road-ing with his Cherokee Jeep.
i was like "slow down...slow down pleaseee"
and my niece goes "yeayyy...yeayyy...yeayyy"

2 days in Semarang is enough to get to these great places.
for me, my Semarang-trip has been a great weekend getaway,
nice closing for a rough January :)

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