Monday, February 22, 2010

look what i've got on a sunny sunday morning!!!

a trip to Gasibu Sunday Market always interesting to me. this is a huge area where u can found literally everything! common stuff, rare stuff, interesting food, unique things, and the most important is this place has become a cheap shopping land for shop-hoppers!

and look what i've got!

a cute denim tote bag for only 25k IDR!


a cupang fish! (i dont know its name on english, my boss said its a 'neck-kiss fish' haha)

i call him Mr.China.
dont ask me about the name, China is the first word pop up in my head when i first saw him.
he looks just like my old ikan-cupang, Mr.Dakota. they have the same color.

im actually never into fish-pet before, but when i had my first ikan-cupang im instantly falling for them. they have a beautiful perfect color combination, and they are a fighter! whatta combo aite? plus, they're easy to take care of, and didn't take much of attention.

people said if u wanna learn to take care of something-which is a pet in this case, u can start it by taking care of ikan-cupang. hmm but i say u have to start it by taking care of yourself. haha.
so im welcoming Mr.China to the family, please be a good fish ya!

ps: thank you Bowo 'Bonita' Soemarto for being a model for my tote bag :)


blogojan said...

I thought you don't need more tote bag. hahahah.. :p

you have to bring me there when I'm in Bandung!
promise me!

"taking care of yourself first" curhaaaaaaaattttt...

hahahaha.. :p

say my hello to mr. China


i still need that laswell totebag for sure! i cant live without laswell tote bag u know *lebay* haha

makanya kesini buruan yaaa. it will be a pleasure to take u around this place

hello back from Mr.China ^^