Thursday, August 23, 2012

omg, i'm 29!

same feeling like last year. feel so happy im going to explode!
im drown in to good wishes and surrounding by bestfriends. i love being 29 this year.
everything come in a perfect portion and time. everything i wished for all along coming true. everything is getting better everday. how fun is that :)
plus, this year, i got 4 birthday cakes, blow 4 candles, and still got a birthday present from a long lost friend :D
i am almost complete. my only wish is to be fully completed by next year. amin! :)

first candle blows was from my office mate. Nataya, Mas Fajar, Aryo, Mas Arwin, Mbak Isna, Mbak Nuri, Mukti, Mbak Rosa. thanks gengs! i love you like i love my 8 hours a day at the office :))

for them, im 61 -_-" suppose to be 16!

second candle blows was from Beje, Ijah, Gading, Kiko, Ojan, Krisna, and..umm..Pak Guru if im not mistaken haha..

thank you guys. the bullying is my guilty pleasure...not! :))

you guys are kinda friends that i loved to spent time with. whatta gift :)

third candle blows was from Cik Aline, one of The Gengs, my very best friend.

fourth candle blows was from adek Djinot, Tia's sister who happens to be my sister as well. this is a share birthday cake for me, Tia and Aloy, since we have three days in a row birthday in August. 14 for me, 15 for Aloy and 16 for Tia

happy birthday to us!!

make a wish, blow the candles. lets be better by next year :)

the gengs family birthday dinner at Nanamia, to celebrate our birthday! minus Elda, too bad :(

you are the list of my perfect time :)

birthday present from a long lost friend :D
at the end, what matter is to be happy :)
thank you lord for sending me these precious people that stay around in my life. you're the greatest, you're the only one above all my happiness. promise you to be better this year. amin :)


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