Thursday, August 30, 2012

how to pimp a wooden chair!

lets add some color and pattern to an ordinary wooden chair. this is the simplest way to do it. need no sewing at all and using your daily tools and material. i dont think its so hard to find them near you :D

now the preparation :
you'll need an ordinary wooden chair, sponge (i use 3cm thick sponge), plain sheet of fabric, pattern fabric, cutter knife, fabric/wood glue, and stapler (the bigger the better, i use 6mm stapler)

and this is how you do it :

turning this chair into that chair

3cm thick sponge, glue it to the chair

trim the excess of the sponge

this is pretty much how it looks. now ready to wrapped

first, wrapped the chair with a plain sheet of fabric, then hold the top with needles. the needles will hold still the fabric when you staple the back side

staple the back side. use all strength you have!

trim the excess of the fabric, and do exactly the same process to the pattern fabric

and this is pretty much how it looks! oh wish i could make it a little bit neater. since i use stapler, there are some area that are not stapled well. pretty difficult i admit. a gun-taker will help actually, but i dont have one :p

this is the back side of the chair

now you got a new chair :D

looks pretty good in my room. yay.
so thats that! pretty easy right?
thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy making it :)

Putri Santoso

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