Friday, February 11, 2011

a sudden trip : Sendang Sono

on a Sunday Sudden Trip last week, me and my friend went to this beautiful place called Sendang Sono. Sendang Sono is a sacred place for Catholics, it is also called as The Lourdes of Indonesia.

this place is famous by its unique architecture.
in 1991, Sendang Sono won the best architectural award from Indonesian architects society.

now i can see why this peacefully shady place is the perfect place for praying :)

picture by Ojan

the famous Virgin Mary statue.
a gift from The Queen of Spanish as a dedication.

you'll found this around Sendang Sono.
If you walk in the right order,
you'll find part by part of the story when Jesus Christ crucified.

there's always a beautiful details here, there and everywhere :)

this is the chapel

souvenirs from Sendang Sono.
a replica of the Virgin Mary statue and Rosario.
lots of Rosario! and they're all handmade :D

the team!!
thank you Mr.Tuki, Ojan, Brinalloy and Sarah.
The Sunday Sudden Trip wouldn't be the same without you :D

lets have another sudden trip, shall we??

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