Friday, July 22, 2011

au revoir, Lluis

Lluis is our new friend from France. Since he already passed his exchange program here in Jogjakarta, so its time for him to go back to France. we decided to give him a farewell gift so that he can never forget about us :D

The Gengs are, Aline, Elda, Tia and me. we're not actually a real gank. its just we hangs alot and sometimes we call ourselves "gengs" as a joke. Lluis love it, and he officially become one of The Gengs. haha..

we decided to give him a mug with our picture on it. but before that, i made a little additional touch for the mug. i started to print "The Gengs" on canvas, and sewed it into a pouch!

this is the picture of us that applied on the mug, a little narcissism always feels good ;)

Lluis loooooooooovveee the mug!

we love the mug as well :D

he left something for us at my house.

and yeah, i stepped in to the club, just for a night, and this is for Lluis -___-"

Lluis, thanks for calling me Putri instead of "Pudchri" like others bule do, thats why i love you!
au revoir, Kiddo. we're so gonna miss you ;')

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