Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dazzle Puzzle : Failed!

soooo, i failed my own challenge.
i couldn't make it to the last piece of jigsaw puzzle in two weeks. my problem was time, and the wrong strategy. turns out it is not as easy as i thought before. but i learn something. compiling a puzzle is a commitment. once you've start, you have to finish it. you don't want to break the half-work you've done, yet you cannot just let the unfinished pieces mess the room. there's no other choice but to have it finished, no matter how long would it take. so i take my vow, i'll finished what i've started. i'll finished my jigsaw puzzle!

this is the picture of my progress in two weeks. i compiled it into one. 14 days with a lot of this and that to do everyday, i just lost my puzzle-time. gonna have this finished soon! hope it wont take 14 months to do that :D

anyway, last picture was taken at August 14, my birthday. and i had a great one that day! lots of greetings, love, friends, and birthday present. will uploaded it soon! have a fabulous August, world ;)


cassia vera said...

semangat, pingkaan!!


hihi..cenchu sajuah mbakdan :D