Wednesday, September 28, 2011


this place is like a second home. didn't mean of being too melodramatic by posting this. i just feel like need to reminisce the place for the sake of those good times i had.

all pictures taken from the tv room, where the good times are :)

 hello cyber-dude, Yogi and Wandi

 this is how Didon always look like from the tv room
best position, doing xxx, i guess :p

 this is Ojan in his so-called bedroom

 straight face!

 the ceiling. plaids. pink.

see straight to the garage and the kitchen

now they're moving out. so there, i made this post to reminisce. moving out will always be a big drama!
adios, Kontraan :D


kriww said...

ah, kosannya cowok sekali :P

salam kenal :)


iyaa haha..sangat tipikal tempat tinggal cowok2 :p

salam kenal juga, Kriww ;)