Friday, September 24, 2010

a short trip : Bromo

on the last holiday season, i got a chance to finally come here

BIG thanks to Suwito's family :)

the sun is already rising when we got here
we hit 12 hours on the street!
normally it'd take only 8 to 9 hours trip from Solo to Bromo
but on the holiday season like that time, highway turned into a giant parking lot.
the traffic jam is crazy!!

its all worth it anyway,
becoz we finally see the sun is rising on our way up...
and feel the chilly wind hits our face
and safely arrived at the highest high view point of Mount Bromo!!

anyway, thats Mount Semeru over there
misty and charming

and this is, the famous and spectacular Mount Bromo!!
cant stop thinking about how big it was million years ago

the weather was just perfect that morning.
sun was shining bright, but we're not feel burnt at all
and the blueish sky was just beautiful!

up again, then down to the hill.
have an up close and personal moment with Mount Bromo

i think i've never been in a place like this..
im in the middle of an XXXXXXL savanna and seasand!!!

i could just melt with this uncountable sands
and become a meaningless thing among them

or i could climb the hill but still unseen

this place is AMAZING

it makes you feel small
and meaningless

even this wild flowers are better than you are

but at the same time
it tells you that there's something beyond this


1 comment:

martha puri said...

aku jg pernah ke bromo. suka bgt sm viewnya. sayang waktu kesana blm punya kamera, jdnya ga bs foto2.. padahal keren bgt yaaaa