Tuesday, January 19, 2010


just downloaded this yesterday. with an average internet connection at my office, it takes 2 hours more or less to complete downloading the whole album.

welcoming Adhitia Sofyan back again in my playlist.
bring the same chemical reaction when i first hear Adelaide Sky.
acoustic sound, guitar plunk, and shady voice, you might find it boring.
but wait until you get caught by the lyrics.

my favorite is Gaze, The Stalker, Carnival and Dark Side.
here are some spoiler for them..


Words and music by Adhitia Sofyan

About the song :

Having a moment where you’re looking at that beautiful stranger you’d wish they’re yours.

The Stalker

Words and lyrics by Adhitia Sofyan

About the song :

It’s great isn’t it that there are numerous social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter available in this romantic age? you can always have a look out on that special someone that doesn’t belong to you without having to leave your spot.


Words and music by Adhitia Sofyan

About the song :

Against all odds, meeting that special stranger for the second time and not taking the time for granted.

Dark Side

Words and music by Adhitia Sofyan

About the song:

Tried to deliver a story without being too descriptive this time, a bit poetic if you like. This one tells a story about regret that doesn’t work.

while listen to this, im picturing rain, coffee, and comfort talks
what about you?
go here, find out yourself :)

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