Sunday, December 13, 2009

sofa song

Won't you come on over
At the side of my sofa
Oh won't you come on over
-The Kooks

from the first time i had a room on my own, i always dream of having a nice-warm sofa in my little bedroom. but hey, what do you expect from a 3x4m room? that's just too tiny, i know :(
looks like i've been living in a tiny room my whole life.
i know my time will come eventually, so i gotta be prepared for my future much-bigger-room LOL. i've done my research, and here they are..which one suits me best?

kinky-colorful-furry coach. hmm nice indeed. very edgy. and soooooffftttt. but imagine when it lose its puffy-ness, and the fur starts to wrinkled. hmmm...

look at this twin-cow sofa. how cuteee. haha. but not at my age, thankyou :p

this is the bestttt! simple,warm,cozy,comfort,just nice.
i can see myself cuddling all day, talks over hot chocolate, or watch movie till i fall asleep, ahh hahah im talking too much hollywood ;p

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