Monday, December 14, 2009


oh dear, we don't even know each other, but i hacked your blog already...i'm sorry :p
the thing is, this post stopped me right away.
no its not talking about me, but its talking about my radio show.

it was just another day i'm on-airing my afternoon show on Prambors Bandung, I'm talking about "do you have any idea of what you're doing rite at this time in 20years ahead?"
and i never really thought about how my show could affect someone in someway. but this blog is the prove, that somehow, someway, everything i said in my every radio show have some effect for someone else :) really hope in a good way.

well, now that i know, i promise myself to be more careful more inspiring in a very very very good way. thanks to you miss Dian.

oh btw, this is the link to miss.Dian's blog. please have a walk :)

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