Sunday, January 1, 2012


these are my wishes on new year, last year.

lets evaluate!

happier year
yes indeed!! i'm happier inside and out. 
nothing is really a problem when you don't see it as a problem right? and even if there is a problem, try to wonder why they create such word as "solution" :) i've learn that the whole year. it's not the result that matters, but the process to get there that worth so much. so just be happy. it is not that hard to just-be-happy :D

healthier life
well, i dont know how to evaluate this. sure i'm gaining weight the whole year, didn't do much sport, ate Indomi a bit too much, over-sleep, less-sleep, and another long list of an unhealthy activity. i know i'm not being healthier, but i'm happy enough that i only got less than five influenza this year, and of course no hospital visit for myself this year. thats..for me at least..healthy enough :D

hmm..not much, but enough. and enough is good :)

another chance
no i didn't get the "another chance" as i meant last new year. but it doesn't really matter, because now i don't really want it anyway :D

new experience
yes definitely. i'll underlined my post-graduate school for this chapter. it was a really really really exciting new experience, and still counting :)

braver heart
i just did :)

fulfilled soul
reading again my writings above, see how life takes me the whole year. oh i feel fulfilled already..

really hope i do. because someone once tell me that forgiving me is an endless work. so i really do hope you-whoever you are, kindly please forgive my mistake, my slip-words, my last minute attitude, and all..and all :)

blessed from Above
always feel blessed all the way. the whole year. even when i'm not asking for anything. i feel blessed.

*long pause* *long sigh* 
i feel loved enough. and enough is good :D
i think last year was just not my time. this year, perhaps? haha..

so that was the evaluation for 2011. i'm pretty much doing good with all the wishes, yes?
now i'm so ready for 2012, i wished for a happy ending and a good start, i wished for a straight A, i wished for the happiest-the best-the greatest that universe could ever give :D

and i wished you a happiest happy new year *kiss to the world*



happy new year put..


tataaa!! selamat tahun baru jugaaa :D