Thursday, July 8, 2010

lovable Bandung

i remember how i fall for this city at the very first sight.
it was in 2004, when i had a little getaway with bunch of friends.
at that time, all i think is that i have to go back and stay here a little while, enjoying the city from the inside, as an insider. finally happen at 2007, when i decided to move in.

3 years already, and no matter how grumpy-people mad about its traffic, or the air which not as mild as it used to be, or the bumpy road along the street of Bandung, i still have my love for this city.

i love the air of creativity, the scent of it, the big trees along the sidewalks, even the bone-chillin weather in the morning. dont make me tell you about the food and the shopping land, gonna takes pages!

last week, my friend from Yogyakarta was come visit on his holiday.
his name is Ojan, i think i've mentioned him several times in this blog, didn't i?
well, Ojan is a good friend of mine, who happens to be my partner on a daily-photo-project named SCREENCAST. i'll tell you later about the project on the next post. promise!

so, here i am
showing my lovable Bandung
from the way i see it.

hey mate :)
welcome to my town

come here..

lets drink ice tea and have a chat..

about how beautiful the trees are, in my town

about walking the side-streets of my town to this great place called Monumen
Perjuangan Bandung...

open your lens wide,
and your eyes wider...

uh, dont forget to keep my town clean..

now lets keep moving..

to one of the oldest building in my town..

shes beautiful, dont you think?

as beutiful as paintings..

that colored Braga beautifully...

i say the street is aging..

in grace...

what do you say?

would you like to come back again?

anytime soon?

that would be lovely

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