Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mr. Blue Sky

what a lovely weather.
it was a sunny day today in Bandung.
and i just can't get enough
click! click! click!
enjoy the picture :)

pictures are taken today using my handheld
location : my office (PVJ mall), Jl. Sukajadi, Jl. Siliwangi, and Jl. Cisitu

ps: these pictures are not edited. the black shade you see in every picture is actually my blackberry's rubber case that covered the lens. but i found it kinda cool so i just keep it that way :p


Anonymous said...

jangan sering liat ke atas....hehehe..yang dibawah juga bagus2... :P


*nengok kebawah* hiyyy cacing! *injek* :p

Anonymous said...

nice... selalu kangen langit dan aspal di Bandung