Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i can still call this home

dan lalu
rasa itu tak mungkin lagi kini tersimpan di hati
bawa aku pulang rindu, bersamamu
dan lalu
airmata tak mungkin lagi kini bicara tentang rasa
bawa aku pulang rindu, segera
jelajahi waktu ke tempat berteduh, hati kala biru
dan lalu
sekitarku tak mungkin lagi kini meringankan lara
bawa aku pulang rindu, segera

Float - Pulang

let the pictures do the talk..

breakfast with Bapak.
we talks a lot while having these delicious homemade breakfast :)

a bestfriend's wedding.
congratulation for Ika and Indra. wishing you guys a wonderful journey together :)

Emil, who always have all the time in the world for me everytime i get back to the city :)

sunset at Losari.
ahh..feel better already :)

Tanjung Bunga.
i used to spend my early Sunday morning here, with Bapak.
it used to look better than this actually. but still, however it looks, i always love beach.

Makassar skies,
i can always call you home :)

*all pictures are self-taken using my own hand-held*

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